Sunday, July 21, 2013

Restless about the future, career and sorts

One of my all time new year's resolutions is to be a more successful person in life. With that, one thing I know for sure is I need to be more FOCUSED on what I am doing with my life. So I was casually browsing through facebook (currently this is where I get most of my news update and info from)... and I stumble upon this good article on how to be a successful leader at your work, even at a young age. I thought I better share it with you, and for my own reminder that I need to review once in a while. Here it is:
The article is from and you can view it through the link below

  1. Start preparing before you enter the workforce -from small communities eg college/church
  2. Do your homework -organizational leadership courses/read up
  3. Take time to assess the culture of the organization -observe, be patient
  4. Keep a learner's mind -a positive attitude, inquiring
  5. Identify areas where you can provide new insight or help -act as a "change agent"
  6. Offer your help -to gain practice on managing skills (small committees/ form teams)
  7. Do your work and abide by the rules -remember your basic tasks and do it well
  8. Communicate and connect
  9. Give credit where credit is due -"If you complete a project and are complimented on it, and someone has helped you, mention that"
  10. Establish relationships with superiors and find a mentor -create a mutually beneficial relationship and follow their successful behavior, learn how they process things and handle problems.
Hope we learn something useful today and apply it in our real life! 

AurĂ©lie : Successful, young, and talented

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