Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oh that's beautiful: White/Black couture dresses & wedding dresses

Always have been in love with lace and couture dresses,

here are some dresses that I feel would be perfect for the prime occasion (and the not-to-be-missed details too)

for your eyes' pleasure and future wedding research maybe for those preparing :) Congrats, love!

this keyhole detail will emphasize the elegance and softness in you:

the horse adds to the refined look too:

and a flower, just in case:

oh! that ginger hair and the pale skin is just tasteful: 

sometimes we have it in us: 

Fancy feather detail

Always loving: Gorgeous lace details

Yes we know they're all gorgeous, well here's the black companions,,

and that's it! the best of white and black lace dresses.
Or at least for now.

Sincerely love,

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