Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have to be serious! This is not a game anymore, and you already knew that it's no fun being the bottom few! and I also know that I have to set my priorities right cos heart is something that can be concealed and healed in one way or another. and 'tis stupid, I am stupid. BUT I'll be smart, smarter from now on. I'll be strong, independent woman!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I wish you can see me, I wish you know this

  • "...and I wonder if I ever cross your mind, for me it happens all the time."
  • "Yes I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all..."
~Lady Antebellum - Need You Now
( great song!<3)

I'm rather curious, are you seeing someone right now? Dang, I don't care for the least bit!
I hope I get to see you tomorrow.

Good night for now...

You know, sometimes I hope that all this is just a crush, but I could't let it go away.
Good day dear!

I recently watched the movie: "Dear John" and I must say I love the movie.
It is selfless..that's what I find so adorable about it. but I'm really skeptical that we could still find such selflessness in the world today.

anyway, it's just a movie, well let's not get touchy-feely now or worse, pretend to be philosophical. By the way, I think philosophy is a cool subject, maybe I would consider taking it as a minor in uni. I don't know. What do you think?

Just to digress a little, I think this whole uni frenzy thing is really getting into me. Like. hellooo do you think it's all that easy to get straight brilliant As for 'A' levels, huh? (well, I know I know, it's not easy at all, my dear, but you've gotta at least try giving your best cos you know you're all the better from all those people!) so yup sometimes I wonder why, but I do really think that I have a split personality you know cos when I'm thinking about one matter, there're always like two TV channels that show up in my head and the speaker just start talking and it confuses me and yes I know I've gotta stop blabbering now cos this is really non-nonsensical oh wait! maybe there are others who feel the same way there anyone of you as weird as this? haha

so anyways, back to the movie, Dear John. I really love the characters and my favorite scene would be when Savannah found out that John had decided to extend his deployment. Here's a quote from it:

"What do you-What do you want from me, Savannah. I mean-Just tell me what you want from me, cause-Do you want me to quit? Is that it? You want me to quit? I don't know how we got here..I don't know what happened. Just woke up...And, there's..."

and then Savannah just hugged him, real tight. It made tears came to my eyes. You know, it's because, both of them are good people, and so they don't know what to do. As in, Savannah couldn't just ask John to leave the Special Forces because that would be selfish and unfair to the country. But John would really love to stay with Savannah but he knows he has to finish his duty and serve the country together with his other mates.

and I couldn't lie, but here's the one thing I love even more about the movie:
it has got a HAPPY ending :)

and by the way, I love how they keep saying to each other this and so I'll say it to you now:
"I'll see you soon then"


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hello! I think this guy is cool and the voice is quite endearing, the kind that you can listen to before you go to bed and have a good night sleep. Just try listening to this one song of his and you'll know what I'm talking about.

His name is Gabe Bondoc btw :)

My dream, going-to-be home!

criterion 2: wood/ gray bricks

hey there! so uh, I've always been fascinated and excited about how my future's gonna be like. well I guess many people are, right? and I like to believe that it's gonna be a great one. and I know it'll be. cos I'm the one in charge of it (teehee!) and I'm painting it really lovelily..(haha is there even such a word? :p) but nevermind... moving on, here's a list of things of my preferences for my future home!

criterion 4: white

kids room? :)

criterion 7: cottagey/ villaish atmosphere

criterion 5: bright

criterion 1: spacious

this is..well I just like it, not too sure it's gonna be in my bathroom though.

criterion 2: wood/ gray bricks

criterion 9: verandah

criterion 4: white

criterion 3: big glass windows

So basically, my home is gonna be:

1) spacious
the ceiling must be so high that if a giant were to come to my house he wont have to break my rooftop garden

2) wood/ gray bricks
I like the idea of having a house that has the relaxing-holiday mood, but maybe I can deal with having this criteria only for my villa, cos you know, sometimes we need to have that stress level for us to keep striving for our best in work/ studies.haha

3) big glass windows
I like the sun, I want to enjoy the scenery from the comfort of my own home. I want the sun to shine into my house so maybe we can try to help the environment by saving energy during the day, right? :) but they'd have to be unbreakable! haha at least to a certain great extent.

4) white (mixed with gray, brown, pastel colours, dark green/ tosca, beige/ cream, light purple)
white always give the pure and artsy feeling, and it's perfect to be mixed with a more elaborate set of furniture. white is distressing for me too, I guess...?

5) bright
it has to be really bright for when I'm doing work or having house parties or whenever I feel like being shone upon (eg. when I just woke up in the morning) Wait, but sometimes I enjoy those romantic-dim-lights-you-just-feel-dreamy-and-sleepy kind of lights also! soo...oh well! My house's gonna have two sets of lights then. hahaha

6) piano
I love pianos (and other musical instruments), they give that instant boost on the elegance level and intelligence level of the house (yes, houses have different intelligence levels too!) and that sort of sophistication, yeay!

7) cottagey/ villaish atmosphere
complete with open air spaces, if possible with the big green wide lawns, where we can run around or lie down at night to enjoy the starry sky.

8) library/ study
I must have this, with the ladder to climb also (umm..maybe that's a little to much.hello this is a HOUSE not a school or public library. get real!)

9) verandah
I would revive the English culture of having afternoon tea with my family whenever we can. Maybe once a week at least? and I'd like to sometimes have breakfast at the outdoors, enjoying the weather, and our beautiful garden as well.
10) dance studio
if I have a daughter/s, she/they'll attend ballet classes and they can practice at home to. or if they've become teenagers, they can practice for their performances in the studio as well. I have always had a passion for dancing, and I think I'll always have it until a very very very long time. So, whenever I'm free, I'll come here to learn some steps and keep the good posture. yup!

These pictures are some of others' homes I found online, and I think the interior designers are really cool. I love them. They give me ideas of what I really want for my own house. Maybe they can be your inspirations too? Anyway, enjoy!