Sunday, April 25, 2010

i had never liked animals, never.

but I always thought that having pets will be good for a child's growth;
you know, help them to get in touch with their emotions, and don't grow up to be a cold-hearted person nor a distant person, like me.

so I've been telling myself that when I have kids, I'll have a dog at home.
and I also hope that my husband will be one who like or love animals. haha
(and yesterday when I told my friend about this, she was like: "what? is it because of 'Marley & Me'?" haha I've not even watched the movie yet.)

I'll learn not to be scared of animals anymore, cos up until now, I figured that i sort of like animals and sometimes I think they're cute,
however, once they GET MOVIN' towards me or just show signs of life, I immediately build a wall around me, one that will make sure they won't go anywhere near myself. (or I'll run, or I'll hide, or I'll go someplace higher, or ask someone to shoo the 'dangerous moving object' away.

yup anyways, I will learn to love animals, and some of them are really adorable.
Take a look at these photos:

(do you know? otters hold hands when they sleep, so they won't float away from each other)

mandarin ducks, just look at those colours!

a lizard is actually a beautiful creature, I especially like the shape of its feet

gorgeous octopus

innocent piggies

hey beautiful creatures, I'll learn to love you someday!

Friday, April 16, 2010


hello there! this weekend i'm going to an event called Masquerade; it's a dinner party cum performances where the audience is supposed to wear a mask as a dress code. We were each given a plain black mask as our entry ticket and we can decorate the mask according to our own liking, and those who come with the best masks will win attractive prizes. I decided then, since I'll be wasting my time there (I'm just being frank here, haha, cos actually I don't really want to go to this party, just want to support my friend who's organising the party), I might as well don't waste my chance of winning something nie, right? :) So, this morning I was awoke at about 4.20 a.m. and I decided to do something useful. Since studying isn't the most attractive thing to do early in a Saturday morning, I then came to realise that I have not spiced up my mask for tonight's party at all!! Hence, I quickly turned on my creative muscles and was enthusiastic to embark on the intriguing project.

First, it involved gathering of beautifying materials around me, those whose existence I can still remember.haha and so i have a collection of:
white faux fur (from my friend's surprise birthday property), purple fake crystals (which I thought can bring me some good luck), UHU glue, a roll of silver ribbon (from last year's play that I joined), pink alphabetical velvet stickers (which I bought from this cool scrapbooking shop), silver and purple glitter glue, toothpaste box, correction liquid and other stuff that turned out to be NOT useful in the end.

Next step is to find some inspirations, and here are some of them:

you should also check out this site, the colletion is just gorgeous!

tis is my masterpiece:
not bad, huh? :D

Sunday, April 11, 2010

well i am one spoiled child

i want a new long wallet
i want a new pair of sneakers for school

i want a full body massage

i want a mug of chai tea latte
i want a nice bod
i want my sister!


i want subway meatballs marinara too...i'm kinda hungry.

Friday, April 9, 2010

so close, yet so far

we are:

two different people,
living in two different worlds

what a forlorn scenario

i am already scared,
even before i let you in to my life
and myself to yours.
it's just not what is supposed to be
so i'm backing out now,
but a very small part of me
is actually hoping you will miss my presence
and force your way into my life.

and i do mean FORCE, cos i need to know
how far is it gonna be.
i know i need to change my focus, and i will, alright?
it's just, knowing you're there brings some charms and sparks back into my life.

and i need you

Thursday, April 1, 2010

18 things an 18-year old likes

1. tulle

2. ruffles

3. baroque
or baroque inspired

4. corset

5. brides

6. ballet

7. garden party

8. tea time

9. architecture

10. gentleman

11. italy

12. mrhaha

13. peonies

14. paleness

15. horses

16. picnic
17. pocket watch

18. chateau