Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Frock rocks!! and other beautifulness

"like i give a frock!" they are all so pretty, i can't help but to post them all here..

anyway, i especially like the plain cream/beige one and the black one. They are simple yet sexy with gorgeous neckline :)

and i'm also craving for these pretty little treats!

and braids! they are definitely an ideal hairdo this season, at least for me; how about you?? what's your 'in' hairstyle?

anyway, wedding dresses still appeal to me the most, they are so beautiful and I wish all hopeful ladies may get into their own perfect dress for their special day! I do believe that each dress has to be special in any desired way to each bride. After all, it is truly their special day!

kids! they are also entitled to enjoy the more fashionable options available nowadays, see here all the cute little dresses. Sister, if you are going to have a daughter and if I am going to have a daughter later, we should hunt for these together, yea? :D

lastly, I've always longed to have photographs of my own like these:

they are so quirkily adorable, I can't believe just how much I like the sense I get from those photos.

And I always love:

oh well they're just fab apparently and undeniably.

Yup! Guess that's all for the day.



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